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 CO1.jpgEl Sol de México: “To Claudio Ordaz, music emanates from the very heart… He is a virtuoso and truly inspiring conductor…”


Karjalainen (Finnish newspaper): “Claudio Ordaz has a wide musical experience, unique visions and a radiating joy for making music. He is an extremely valuable mentor for young orchestra musicians… The intensity of the performance given by Claudio Ordaz and the orchestra was absolutely astonishing…”

Itä-Savo newspaper (Finland): "The rhythmical fireworks worked incredibly well. Claudio Ordaz connected all the musical elements together. The concert was an absolute joy!"


Cincinnati's music critic and journalist Ellyn Hutton: ”very energetic conductor with a great personality...

Savon Sanomat (Finland): "Claudio Ordaz possesses a very unique personal conducting style combined with a strong experience...